Still Learning [eBook] - Tales from a life in leadership

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Des Penny is founder and Chief Executive of the national Leadership Development Company, Proteus Leadership. He is also editor and publisher of the Proteuslife magazine and an avid blogger through his blog – Optimistic Disturber.

He has spent most of his working life in senior leadership positions and has created a very simple mantra for what he does – creating great leaders.


Des is considered by many to be one of the most inspirational and innovative leaders in Australia and in 2013 was awarded the My Business Magazine, Australian Small Business Leader of the year. He has also won an Entrepreneur of the year award and his company Proteus Leadership has won many awards for professional services and leadership.

He has worked with literally thousands of Australian leaders helping them to create both positive personal cultures and positive workplace cultures. 

His passion for life and indeed his journey thus far will inspire you to want to be better and to aim for Exceptional.

Enjoy Still Learning, and take on board the things that both challenge you and make you better.

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