Life Eyes [eBook] – Living And Leading With Insight

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Des Penny is founder and Co-CEO of the Leadership Development company, Proteus Leadership. He is also editor and publisher of the very popular leadership magazine, ProteusLife and known through his blogs as The Optimistic Disturber.

Des has spent most of his working life in senior leadership positions promoting the benefits of having a positive personal culture and has worked with countless organisations in assisting them to turn their workplace cultures around.

Des is considered by many to be one of the most positive leaders in Australia today and through his incredible insight and very active sense of humour, he shares ways that all of us can make a difference, whoever we are.

Named Entrepreneur Of The Year and Australian National Small Business Leader, Des continues to create and implement new ways for people to work together and build better cultures.

If you are ready to take on board the many ideas and strategies found within this book, then you will truly change the way you live and lead.

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