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In this well written and punchy book Seth Godin claimes the Internet has stalled mass marketing but instead has  revived a powerful human social unit from the distant past: tribes. Tribes are founded on shared ideas and values, and give ordinary people the power to take the lead and make big change in their lives, their organisations and in the world. He urges us all to do exactly this.

Our thoughts at Proteus Leadership:

"Godin's book on modern day tribes crystallised for me that we are living in the most amazing time to create and lead a movement. We don't need permission from people to lead them, they are actually waiting for us to lead them. He opened my eyes to see all around us - groups of disconnected people (tribes) that have a yearning for something that better, that they don't have yet. So go on be a heretic - create a movement to change the world!"

Richard Dore - Leading Director