The Innovation Killer

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In The Innovation Killer Cynthia Barton Rabe promotes the use of "Zero-Gravity Thinkers" to help combat the dangerous GroupThink and its close cousin, ExpertThink. These outsiders can be found anywhere, whether from another department, the branch office, an external consulting firm or even another organisation. These people are unencumbered  by all the little nagging issues that hold back even effective groups.  The outsider will know new ways to solve a problem, identify different possibilities where previously none seemed to exist, and also spot potential problems before they get out of control.


The book helps identify when and why you should call in one of these collaborators, where you can find one, and how you and your team can start working with them There are also strategies for turning yourself into a zero-gravity thinker when it’s simply not possible to bring in a true outsider.